• The All-Federation of China
    established the Hakka
    Metaverse Online
    Cultural Center
  • Taichung Metaverse Market
  • Global Head Sobutsukyo
    Original Universe
    "Buddha light cloud universe" world
  • Taichung International Animation Film Festival jumps into the Yuan Universe, selects the winning works and sees enough at once
  • New Taipei "20 Hunger"
    Former space fake castle
  • [Allianzhong Yuan Universe]
    big things
  • Rengo Line Uemoto Universe
    "Taiwan 365" NFT
  • Far-sighted NFT
    light of taiwan
  • 亞洲地區的朋友們,請傳送您的元宇宙活動網址,填寫活動內容說明, 24-36小時內審核通過,即可登錄於元鏈銀河